Services - Evasto2000
  1. Hazardous waste:

– Collection and transportation of hazardous waste;

– Treatment (salvaging/utilization) and storage of hazardous waste;

– Organisation of mobile sites for disposal of hazardous waste by the public.

  1. Industrial waste:

– Collection and transportation of industrial waste;

– Treatment (salvaging/utilization) and storage of industrial waste;

  1. Construction waste:

– Collection and transportation of construction waste;

– Treatment (salvaging/utilization) and disposal of construction waste, including construction waste containing asbestos;

  1. Domestic waste:

– Domestic waste collection and garbage removal;

– Collection and transportation of separately collected waste;

– Cleaning (sweeping and washing) of streets;

– Cleaning and recultivation of polluted terrains and landfills;

– Exploitation and management of landfills;

  1. Sludge:

– Transportation and treatment of sludge from sewage disposal plants;

– Transportation and treatment of sludge, containing hazardous substances;

– Composting of sludges, green and biodegradable waste;

  1. Other services:

– Unclogging of sewer systems;

– Cleaning of oil-water separators;

– Cleaning of grease interceptors;

– Tanks cleaning;

  1. Consulting services:

– Inspection and consultation regarding the application of the environmental legislation;

– Preparation of environmental projects;

– Waste accountancy;

– Requirements towards storage and packing of waste on the site of its generation;

– Applying the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

  1. Supplying containers for:

– Domestic waste;

– Construction waste;

– Separate collection of waste;

– Medical and hospital waste;

– Hazardous and industrial waste;