EVASTO - Evasto2000

Evasto OOD was founded in 2003 with Company Case 1760/2003 as successor of the activity of ET EVA MH – Mitko Hadzhiev, which was created in 1990 under Company Case 2014/1990. Evasto OOD is one of the first companies in Bulgaria, licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Water for the performance of activities for treatment of hazardous waste: pesticides, poisonous compounds, fuels, oils, etc. which are unfit for use; sanitation of soils and terrains, polluted with ferrous metals or other waste; ores flotation waste; laboratory and chemical substances, medicinal products, etc.; fluorescent tubes and other mercury containing waste; electronic waste /electronic and electric equipment/.

Licences for work with waste:

  1. Registration document for collection and transportation of industrial and hazardous waste No. 09-РД-331-00 from 11 July 2013, issued by the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Plovdiv;
  2. Decision for the activities regarding the treatment of industrial and hazardous waste No. 09-ДО-1053-00 from 11 July 2013, issued by the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Plovdiv;


Main clients:

Some of our bigger clients are: Chest Export EOOD, Agriya AD, Avtomotor Plovdiv AD, TED-BED EAD, Würth Elektronik IBE BG EAD, Bulgarkontrola AD, REFAN BULGARIA OOD, RED SPRINGS EOOD, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS OPS BG EOOD, SISAS BG AD, KOLHIDA METAL AD.


Currently, Evasto OOD performs subscription-based services on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for numerous municipal and private companies generating hazardous and industrial waste.

For the performance of its activity, the company has its own sites for storage and treatment of waste.

EVASTO OOD produces its own reinforced concrete “ES Qube” containers, certified by the Centre for Testing and European Certification for packaging and storage of hazardous waste.

Production of reinforced concrete containers for hazardous waste storage